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About Us


Tai Pan Lighting’s team of experts has been providing the Hospitality Industry with unique lighting solutions since 1985. With the relationships we have built over the years and our timely knowledge, we understand what clients are searching for and which solutions work.


Tai Pan Lighting provides the complete customer experience. We are involved with the engineering of each product, from creating molds to the final fixture in facilities where lamp components are made using methods such as casting, machine stamping, welding and spinning.

Quality Service

Tai Pan Lighting is committed to providing the best value for our clients, supplying
quality products while meeting budgetary needs and timely delivery.

Make a Change


Have long-term ties to the North American OEM and Distribution networks. We focus on quality and service and we employ decades of knowledge and experience in all facets of our products and processes. We look forward to growing long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our existing and new customers.